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4ch PGO Gait


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4ch PGO Gait | Business Service
Head angle level
Head forward posture level
Kyphosis level
Arm swing difference ratio(Left/Right)
Shoulder height difference level(Left/Rig

Pelvis height difference level(Left/Right)
Step Length difference ratio(Left/Right)
Toe in/out Gait
Record and trace gait posture by 4 each direction. (Superior/Posterior/Lateral/Foot)
Analysis each of video database individually.
Compare the process of changes before/after in order to empathize with patients efficiently
- Arm Swing
- Shoulder Swing
- Step Width
- Arm Swing
- Shoulder Swing
- Step Width
- Pelvis Movement
- Head Gradient
- Shoulder Level
- Toe in/out gait
- Pronation/Supination
- Tip toe gait
Space Condition: Flat floor and less vibration room
Minimum Space: Height 260cm/ Width 200cm/ Length 300cm


Hardware Specification

Mechanical data

Voltage 7220V
Power consumed 200W
Temperature -10도~+40도 / 80%이하
Humidity below 80%
Camera Microsoft Lifecam studio
POSTERIOR 120*60*60cm   
LATERAL 113*30*30cm      
FOOT 43*18*18cm
POSTERIOR 120*60*60cm
LATERAL 113*30*30cm
FOOT 43*18*18cm